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When Are Landlords Going To See Bikes as Art?

I was glancing at Facebook the other day and I noticed a complaint from Dave Gabrys (of Cycleture) about how his landlord was springing him with some idiotic claim that he couldn't have his bikes in his appartment.

Now, I'm sure we've all been there.

Back when I was going to college at the vastly superior University of Wisconsin Eau Claire (that's where Einstein and Jesus went to name a few), I ran into the same problem with my landlady.

Now, I have to say that my landlady wasn't all that terrible, as long as you paid the rent on time, and didn't look at her sideways.  But when the day came for me to move out, she started having people over to look at the place at a horrendous rate (I mean shesh...the body hadn't even cooled yet).

Well, one of the things that drover her nuts was my marvelous and elegant bike rack that I had in the middle of the living room.  For some reason, some people take one look at a pristine and beautiful item like that and think only of pestilence and decay.  I wonder where they're coming from?  Sure, there might be a couple granules of dirt on the tires, but no more than you'd track in on your boots...and probably less in most cases...unless it's a mountain bike, but still!

I guess people can't recognize the beauty of a carbon fiber frame from 1997 or so.  My bike's a frickin' antique these days!  But it still propells me along at faster than I deserve to go considering how out of shape I am!  That thing is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

But I suppose it's a hard sell for some people.  Even my wife's initial idea was that the bikes would "go in the garage" (GASP!!!).

I guess other people have worse problems than this, but I can't imagine what they are.

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