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You Should be Riding With Us In Chippewa Falls Right Now!

Today is the day of the Chippewa Falls Century ride, so you should all be loading up your car and on your way to Chippewa Falls to do a CASUAL ride.  I have to stress the word casual there because it seems like every time I do this Chippewa Falls ride people get all excited and want to turn it into a 100 mile race.  I don't know what the deal is (well, I guess on the few occasions that I've actually been in shape to do this event I've wanted to put the hurt to other people as maybe I DO understand...but the fact is that I'm NOT in shape this year so no monkey business).

The above image is Frank and Isaac riding past the Chippewa Falls international airport.  Although Chippewa Falls only has 12,000 people, it has a surprisingly big airport which is only one of the magnificent attractions you'll see as you pedal through the Chippewa valley (the other being my house which is twice as big as the above complex).

Actually, I'm pulling your leg.  That airport in the above picture is from MSP which is your gateway to Peru among other world destinations.

You know, as we rode past the MSP airport (Lima is LIM by the way), I couldn't help but think that the chain link fence seemed like pretty weak security. But that's the kind of thinking that gets you in trouble. Heck, the whole Eastern and Western seaboard of the US are completely open and unprotected so who am I to worry?

Getting back to the Chippewa Falls ride.  Be there!  I mean, seriously, what BETTER thing do you have to do? It's going to be awesome, trust me (right up until Frank makes us ride the whole 100 miles in under 4 hours...I'm just not doing it!!!!)!

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