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Asthma Medication Not Worth the Cost

After I found myself completely unable to breathe at last year's City of Lakes Loppet, I decided to just suck it up and head in to see the doctor.  I'd just got some insurance, but I was pretty convinced that it wasn't going to do me any good since American insurance companies are the most corrupt, horrible institutions on the face of the planet (seriously, I think we should tattoo a big red "I" on the foreheads of people who work for insurance companies so we know how to treat them if we see them walking down the street on a casual Sunday afternoon or something [it's been brought to my attention that this is an unfair thing to say...I suppose that's true, and once I thought about it I actually have friends in insurance.  I suppose I have to reserve my scorn for insurance executives with their own private islands off the coast of more free refills at Perkins for THEM!]).

Well, the doctor I went in to see was nice enough (heck, I'd be nice too if somebody paid me $175 for a 15 minute visit).  We chatted for a while and I asked him if there was anything I could take besides Advair, since I knew that Advair was like 300 for a month's supply of medication.  The doctor immediately threw out like five different options that, according to him, worked just as well as Advair but cost around $15 per month.  However, when he called up the pharmacist to see if they still actually sold any of these medications, it turns out none of them were available.  You see, apparently Advair bought up all these equally effective but far less expensive medications so that they can continue to sell THEIR bullshit product at 50 or 100 times the cost.  The end result is that you're only allowed to BREATHE in America if you've got the cash.

Well, I had the guy give me a prescription for Advair anyway (not really intending to use it) but lo and behold when I went into Shopko to fill it out, my insurance actually worked and I only ended up paying about $50 for each Advair inhaler.  I felt good about this for a little while, until I realized that nobody on earth really pays $300 for the inhaler, that's just the bogus price they slap on those things to make you not complain about paying $50.  It's not like your insurance makes up the difference between the $300 on the sticker and the $50 you pay, so don't think you're getting some sort of special deal, it's all a LIE!  Furthermore, Advair itself probably only pays $.001 to PRODUCE their product, so it's all profit anyway.

Well, I used the Advair until the Birkie and felt better.  However, after a few more weeks the Advair started to weaken my immune system and I got this nasty infection in the back of my throat that kept me up all night coughing (yes, I gargled after every Advair use like it tells you to do...the problem is the stuff is POISON and you shouldn't use it).

So I've been off the Advair since then and I hope to stay off it as long as I can.  The problem is, I don't breathe all that well without some kind of medication...which sucks!


Seriously, the point these days isn't to aspire to reach the Olympics or anything, I'm just biking/running/skiing for basic fun and fitness.  Still, I just want to mention this to all the CyclovaXC athletes out there:

Be thankful if you can breathe.  It's the type of thing you don't realize how great it is until somebody takes it away!


  1. Well I agree insurance companies are pretty corrupt but I dont think that you should hold it against the people that work there they are just trying to make a living so they can get out and enjoy life too! I work at an insurance company and I go through the same head aches as you every time i have to go to the doctors, believe it or not my insure policy sucks too!

  2. Hello Cycling 4 a Cure,
    Ok, you're probably right...I'm sure that insurance companies are just like any other business where you have 99% of the employees who actually work like slaves to get things done...and then you have 1% who own their own private islands off the coast of Florida.

    I think that's half of the frustrating thing about insurance...because when you call somebody up on the phone to complain about how they're not covering something that they TOLD you they were going to cover five seconds ago, you end up yelling at some $4 an hour temp (who's just working to feed her six kids) and not the aforementioned rich executive!

    Fortunately, nobody listens to me about who we should tattoo big red "I's" onto the foreheads of.

    Would you still have an objection if I said "insurance executives?"

    Let the record also show that your name is clear if you're Cycling for a cure!

  3. sounds good man! I totally agree with you! I get frustrated every day at work when I can't help someone that really needs it and even more frustrated when I see someone get what they don't need when they are just working the system and screwing everyone like you and me and making the premiums go up! point and case to why I'm trying to find a different job! but i love you blog and keep up the good work!

  4. Man, long live socialist medicine, at present for AML I havey some transplant rejection issues, 20 tablets a day now need an inhaler, the cost for all is about $30. I love my country. Sorry I missed the baby shower, but was a little out of the way, good luck to you and Zuma with upcoming event,
    Regards John and Maria Luisa