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BIKE TECH VIDEO: How To Install Handlebar Tape

As a mechanic in a bike shop, one of the most common jobs performed for customers (behind fixing a flat tire) is replacing the handle bar tape on a road bike.

Replacing your handle bar tape has an amazing way of tricking you into thinking that you're riding a new bike. I remember when I was racing a lot years ago that during the late summer months when I was getting really sick of riding my bike so much, I'd just put some new bar tape on of a different color and it was enough of a change to at least keep me riding for a bit longer. In any case, replacing your bar tape is an affordable way to freshen up your ride!

Now good bar tape can be relatively affordable (you can spend between $12 and $100 on a roll or bar tape), often times, the install fee can be as much as the tape itself. While there is sometimes nothing like a pro tape job, you can likely do a good job yourself! There are a few tricks, and it is an art of sorts. If you think you're up for the challenge, watch the following video and pick up the tricks of the trade for applying handlebar tape...

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