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Blogger's Back up And Running!

Well, you may have noticed that we didn't have a blog post up earlier today. I'm sure you were sitting there in your office, sipping on your coffee, dreaming about going on a run/bike/ski, and thinking, "hmmmm....I wonder what Ben and Frank are ranting about on CyclovaXC today?"

With that thought you went up to "favorites" and clicked on your CyclovaXC link only to find that there was NOTHING new today...only the same old stuff from YESTERDAY!
"What a gyp!" you probably said.

Well, that pales in comparison next to what was coming out of MY mouth as I tried again and again to log on to blogger throughout the course of this long and frustrating day.  You see...Blogger was BROKEN!  The only thing you got when you clicked on "new post" was a line that said something to the effect of "blogger service temporarily unavailable."

The good news is that this didn't seem to affect stuff that was already scheduled to be posted (so it worked for my other blogs).  The bad news was that we didn't have anything scheduled to be posted for CyclovaXC.

Well, what can you expect from a free service?  Actually, even something you pay for is bound to have hiccups every now and then (plus the added annoyance of you having to pay for it), and really blogger does tend to get stuff going again pretty fast every 1.8 years or so when they have some sort of major error (this was about a 24 hour event by my calculation).

However, the thing that I find annoying was the fact that this wasn't some major news story that was reported on Yahoo or whatever (you'd have thought they would have jumped all over it...or wordpress at least should have).'s all in the past now, so you can rest easy and look forward to some good run/bike/ski news for tomorrow!


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