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Break Out the White Pants!--Cyclops 2.11

Well everybody, it's after Memorial day so you can now safely break out the white pants. That's relevant to us CyclovaXC guys and gals because we have white on our supremely awesome and worldly fantastical bike shorts.

If it hasn't felt like summer to you yet, it must certainly feel like summer now. I know that I've been dunking myself into the various lakes and rivers all across Northern Wisconsin for the last two or three weeks (some say causing as much contamination as a BP oil spilll). Yesterday in fact I was occupied with giving Allan Lindsley a hard time as we puttered around Round Lake in his fishing boat (he caught like a 5 lb bass on a $10 pole and a hook smaller than the nail on your little finger). The whole day made me think that we need to do some casual CyclovaXC rides where we take off from Chippewa Falls (for example) ride up to Round lake, spend the day cavorting on an inner tube being pulled behind a fishing boat, grill, then turn around and ride back (everybody needs to quit their jobs so we can do this kind of thing with greater ease)!

A day at Wild Mountain too needs to be on the schedule (Frank...get on that!).

Once again I got to the end of the month thinking that I hadn't done anything, but it took only a quick look at this lengthy list of magnificent articles for me to realize fact...I'm highly overworked and need to take like a four month vacation. Seriously, it's so crazy that I haven't even had time to post an article yet about our great ride down at the Chippewa Valley Century Ride (Frank charged off and did a century all by himself, the rest of us were content at 70). Look for some photos of me collapsed on an Irvine park picnic table while clutching a cup of Leinenkugels desperately in a gnarled hand.

Apart from all that, the only other big news is that Zulma and I are having a baby shower on June 26th at Irvine park (there's a water slide there, and a cougar [the feline kind], it's going to be awesome). We hope all of you can come for that. I plan to just hang out in the park and grill, but knowing all you crazy biker people, I assume a couple bike rides will be imminent, so rest assured you can go out for a little ride and have a hot hamburger waiting for you when you get back. We're also thinking of trying to do some sort of ride next weekend (June 5th) but we don't have the details knocked out keep your eyes peeled for that.

Anyway, here's all the awesome articles that you're all just bursting at the seams to read:

Talk to you around the 15th!

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  1. white pads on the cycling shorts, is probably not the best color selection. :-)