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Dave is the Terminator!

Yesterday I wrote an article about how Tommy looks a bit like William Wallace and I suggested that I might do some more CyclovaXC member/movie mock-ups. Well, my thoughts immediately turned to Dave, who I have to say, kind of reminds me of the Terminator!

Now, before I go any further, let me just say that Dave is the nicest guy on the planet (don't hurt me Mr. Terminator)...but if you ever happen to go skiing with him you'll probably end up vomiting blood within five or six seconds (actually, it's pretty brutal skiing or biking or running with ANYONE in the whole least in my experience).

Actually, those of you who are TRUE XC-ski fans will recognize that the nickname "Terminator" has been applied to a skier before.  And that skier is the great Vegard Ulvang who cleaned house at the Albertville Olympics and even taught old Bjorn Daehlie a thing or two ('s perfectly respectful to call a skier "Terminator" I just want to emphasize that fact again and again and again...).

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