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Don't Forget Breakfast Before you Run Grandma's Marathon


If you're heading out to do Grandma's marathon today (like I'm not...sniff...sniff...because I have to go to a class so I can get my teacher's license and maybe teach YOUR children someday), you should make sure you have a big, massive breakfast. Running 42 KM burns a lot of calories, so you should pack your stomach full of bacon, eggs, and toast with big, greasy gobs of butter.

I believe this little shot of breakfast was from the restaurant up at Hayward (Coopers I think, I know it's not Coops which is right across the every restaurant in Hayward some variation of the word Coop?).  Let me tell you that Coopers serves the best breakfast in the entire universe.  There are days when I wake up in the morning and I can taste the butter and the homemade jam (they serve you homemade jam there which is the best thing ever).

This is about the same sort of breakfast that I witnessed Frank Lundeen consume before he ran his first Whistlestop marathon.  I giggled the whole time, and then I grabbed the car and drove around trying to get a picture of Frank retching his guts out (he actually ate a whole barnbuster breakfast with sausage links and everything).  However, I was disappointed each time to just find Frank with a big grin plastered on his face, running along with perfect ease.  In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Frank sick once ever...


Genetically engineered anyone?

Well, I know that I at least can't eat a big egg breakfast like the one pictured above before running.  But I wish I could...only super humans like Frank Lundeen are allowed that little joy of life apparently...

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