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How To Clean Your Bike Jersey!

After you get done with a long and terrible ride and the forces of nature are beating you down and the pillars of the universe are tumbling down about you...you might be faced with the problem of jersey-soiledness.

This was the issue I was confronted with a few weeks back after completing a crazy ride in the rain at Frank's house (we were dive-bombed by commercial airliners the whole frickin' time...which gets me to thinking that we really do need our own CyclovaXC personal jet).

Anyway, at home I just jump in the shower with all my bike stuff on and slowly kind of peel out of it as I wash myself off (it's quite a sight as you can imagine...thank god we've got a full-length zip or I'd probably have tied myself into a knot months ago).

Well, at the aforementioned ride at Frank's house, I became disconcerted by all the speckles of grease and bits of worms that my jersey had accumulated (that's the worst part of riding in the rain...the worms swim up to the surface and then they just lay there dumbly on the asphalt for you to crush them and split them in two.  Your tires then TOSS them up into the air where the tiny chunks are embedded into your clothing [as I write this...I'm imagining a slow-mo special effects scene a la CSI or something]).

So there I was, covered in water, dirt and worm bits, when I decided that my salvation was at hand in the form of an industrial strength home and garden water spray head attachment.  So I peeled myself out of my jersey and propped it up over a nearby chair and hosed the sucker down!  Within seconds, all the worm bits were gone and my jersey was better than ever.

It was a moment of pure celebration...right up until I realized I was standing in the back yard of the wrong house and the cops were pulling into the driveway.


Let me just mention that jail's not a good place to go when dressed in your CyclovaXC garb.  I'm going to leave it at that...

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