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Lance Armstrong partners with Honey Stinger

Lance Armstrong is great at grabbing headlines, including the headlines of! Recently, it became public knowledge that he has joined the "ownership team" of Colorado based Honey Stinger.

Apparently, Lance first bumped into Honey Stinger founder Len Zanni at the 12 Hours of Snowmass mountain bike race in Snowmass, CO last year. From there, the wheels started turning and now it's official.

Lance takes a break from riding with the Honey Stinger crew. Photo Credit: Stephen Regenold

While the conditions of his partnership aren't fully known, Lance will be working with the Honey Stinger team on product development and will likely be featured in their advertising and promotional materials. After the Snowmass 12 Hour race last year, Lance was quoted as saying, "I was impressed with the great taste and energy they (honey stinger energy gels) provided. Honey Stinger works for me in training and racing because you want to eat them and they work. I’m excited to be part of the Stinger team and work with them on expanding the products and business."

On a personal note, I used to work as a Sales Rep for Honey Stinger and must say from experience that it's a fantastic product. Honey Stinger gels are pure honey with some flavoring, sodium, and B vitamins. In the end, though, it is 99.999 percent honey - you can put it on your toast in the morning and fuel up with it during a race. Check it out, it's great stuff and a company ran by a great group of folks!

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