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A Malicious Insect

So there I am, innocently (as always) trying to ratchet my bike in place on my bike rack, and what do I encounter? A malicious bee which had lodged itself right into the thumb tab of my Thule rack!

Fortunately I spotted this little beast before I casually brushed up against the still potent back end (the front end is presumably rotting on some country highway somewhere). it even true that a bee can sting you even when it's dead?  Doesn't it take even a single neuron or something to trigger the sting...or is it all reflexive?  Well...I suppose if somebody really wants to find out they can come over to my house and test things with the back end of this bee that I've got stored on my car rack.

But the bigger question is: If I HAD brushed up against that bee, and subsequently been stung...and subsequently died of anaphylactic shock...WHO WOULD MY FAMILY SUE?

The only logical response is Thule...although I suppose you could have had a counter suit against Subaru, and maybe a lesser counter suit against Trek because they all shared a little bit of responsibility for luring me (through their ads and my subsequent purchases) into attempting to lift a bike onto a booby-trapped bike rack.

That's the great thing about America...somebody's always guilty, somebody always owes a bunch of money...and that person is NEVER you!

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