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More CyclovaXC Team Rides in the rain!

We keep planning these chill CyclovaXC team rides at Frank's house and it keeps raining on us. Actually, Isaac sees a connection between the rain and my arrival in the Twin Cities since, according to him, it's always a sunny day when I'm not around (I had to go home and cry after he said that). I guess we'll have to put the proposition to the test on the 15th when I head into the MSP area to pick up my wife's mom and dad (they're flying in from Peru, you can come and meet them at the CyclovaXC baby shower if you want).

Still, we had a pretty awesome day on Saturday trolling around Frank's place (while Isaac pounded us into the hills mercilessly as he sought out the sun).   But all was good when Cory and Phil came over as well as Scott with a pitcher full of something he brewed down in his basement (we're calling it official CyclovaXC beer...and we need to get that guy on a bike).

The Twin Cities is a pretty cool place to ride around.  There are a ton of trails all here and there, and although Frank new most of them, Isaac had a couple tricks up his sleeve, and he kept pulling them out and unifying them with Frank's already impressive knowledge to produce some super, uber knowledge of the Twin Cities cycling byways and highways.  Next time we'll definitely be bringing along our GPS units for the purpose of writing some massive tell-all book about the best places to hammer your bike down there (we didn't bring them last time because of the rain...well, actually it was because you have to charge them all the time...and come to think of it, I think Isaac actually did have his so disregard this whole interruption).

Like I said...these rides are chill.  Hopefully a sunny day will draw out a few more of you, but we're not having a ride in the Twin Cities again until July probably (and even I might be along because of this whole baby ordeal).  The best part is the beer at the end...but you have to earn it (which can be glorious...or just painful).


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