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Mountain Bike Trail Profile: Theodore Wirth Park, Minneapolis, MN

I recall my first time driving to the Theodore Wirth mountain bike trails (in the same area as the Theo Wirth XC Ski Trail)... Being the country boy that I am, I recall thinking, "no way, how can there be an amazing single track trail through the wilderness right next to downtown Minneapolis".

This summarizes the thoughts of most people when they discover the great mountain bike trails at "Wirth" for the first time. Similar to the Minnesota River Bottoms trail, this trail truly offers a taste of wilderness in the middle of a large city! This is a gem of a trail that rivals any mountain bike trail in terms of quality, level of maintenance (you'll rarely see so much as a leaf settled on the trail as the MORC volunteer crew is so on top of maintaining this place). You'll also find that Wirth offers a fantastic mix of technical single track, high speed power riding (roadie style), and even a few rock gardens / log piles. In total, there are 3.4 miles of single track, but to do an entire loop, you'll ride 4.36 miles. You'll find that this is a great trail to build rhythm and find your single track groove (at least I do, as a roadie who also enjoying mountain biking).

The rock garden at Wirth as seen on an early Spring ride

There are several sections of trail that you can ride at Wirth, which are all interconnected by the great blacktop bike trails that go through the entire Wirth park area. I recommend beginning your off road adventure at the main trail head which is right at the Hwy 55 and Theodore Wirth Pkwy intersection. This first loop is relatively short, but very fun and a great warm up for the rest of the ride!

Cyclova XC member Owen Theole and I got out on a great Spring ride at Wirth a few months ago and found fantastic conditions!

Once done with this first loop, you can either do the first half or so of the loop again and then take a left turn to get on the blacktop bike trail to the rest of the trail system. After going a mile or so north on the blacktop bike trail, you'll see a new blacktop bike trail going off to your left (west). Take this left and this will connect you with the rest of the extensive network of single track. Through this area, you'll see single track all around you to explore. For the most part, simply follow the signs to do the outer loop.

Above is the trail map for the Theo Wirth MTB Trails. Click on the image to link back to the MORC website, which is the source of this map.

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