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Playing the Biathlon Ski Game

This weekend I got the chance to visit with Mike Lundeen who had just returned from his Honeymoon in Aruba.  As we were sitting around in his house waiting for Frank to show up, we started playing the biathlon game that I'd written about here (actually, now that I look at Amazon, there appear to be several biathlon video games available...so I don't know for sure which one Mike had).

So there we were, playing away, when Frank finally turned up, looked at what we were up to, sneered dismissively, and said, "so are we going for a bike ride or what?" (we did eventually go...and it rained on us like it has 3 out of the 4 bike rides I've done with Frank this year).
But anyway, this Biathlon game is...well...it was fun, but it's mainly just hitting the button "X" (which is fine with me because I'm freely willing to admit that video games have passed me by...I mean...I remember when there was just one big control stick with only ONE button in the upper right hand corner...these new games have like 20 buttons, and when people tell me "hit 'R-1'" I don't know what the hell they're talking about...all of this speculation makes me wonder if some 7 year old kid from today could beat me at the old Atari 7800 version of Ms. Pac Man or Joust or any other of the REAL video games that they used to make before they started hiring second rate voice actors to produce some virtual movie/action-adventure/"game").

Anyway, on Ski and Shoot or Biathlon (throughout the course of writing these articles, I've finally figured out how to spell that...I always wanted to put an extra "a" between the "h" and "l") you hit "X" to go forward constantly juggling the amount of "stamina" you use up to produce the right amount of "power."  If you go too hard, the skier becomes exhausted and you slow down to a crawl.  This whole "stamina" and "power" balance is shown by a ridiculously complicated control panel that looks like a bunch of floating arrows (Frank took one look at it and said, "What're all those arrows?" and we were like "we don't know" and Frank was like "Let's go biking").

So...anyway...I highly suggest you go out and buy every single wii or playstation biathlon video game right now just to encourage big budged video game manufacturers to continue making these games (eventually they'll probably make a good one).  In the meantime, I'll try to write some more bicycling articles.

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