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SKI TECH: The NEW Salomon Pro Pulse Classic Binding

For the coming 2010 - 2011 ski season, Salomon will be launching the new Pro Pulse Classic Nordic binding platform. This new top end race binding is an exciting and significant innovation on a number of fronts.

This binding was obviously developed using various technologies from Salomon's Profil and Pilot binding series, taking the most desirable attributes from both and combining them into a new super binding.

The new Salomon Pro Pulse RC Classic binding. Photo Credit: Salomon USA

A number of new never before seen Salomon technologies appear on this new binding as well.
For starters, this is a single attachment point binding (not 2 attachment points like the Pilot Classic bindings). You'll notice that the profile of the elastomer flexor is entirely different than that of the older Profil flexors. Similar to NNN's new Xcelerator binding, the new Salomon Pro Pulse bindings are backward compatible with any Profil or Pilot boot (1 or 2 pin boots). This will make many skiers happy as their existing boots will work perfectly with the new binding system.

Next up, you'll notice that this is a lean and mean looking binding. Salomon took every opportunity to remove material from this binding that wasn't necessary. This resulted in significant weight reduction, with the Pro Pulse RC binding weighing in at a featherlight 242 grams for the pair.

Yet another significant innovation is that Salomon is providing a Pro Pulse binding specifically designed to fit skis with the NIS Plate commonly found on many brands of skis. The Pro Pulse RC2 is designed to fit on the NIS plate, but rather than sliding on to the plate like a NNN-NIS binding, the RC2 simply fits on top of the plate and then must be screwed on to the ski as bindings have had to be in the past.

The new Salomon Pro Pulse RC2 NIS Classic binding. Photo Credit: Salomon USA

In comparing the standard RC to the RC2, Salomon says that the RC (non NIS version) provides a slightly closer interface to the ski as it mounts directly on to the ski surface (no NIS plate between the ski and the binding). The RC2 does weigh about 14 grams more than the standard RC, but this slight weight difference is worth it for a better interface with the ski. All in all, a very exciting new binding platform with major innovations!

The Pro-Pulse binding is full compatible with the new Salomon SNS Wedge. Click HERE for the full story on this Salomon innovation.

Of course the most critical factor in selecting any ski equipment is that it fit well. If your equipment (boots especially) doesn't fit, you won't have fun out skiing and simply won't ski as much. For this reason, Cyclova XC recommends making you boot/binding selection decisions based on which boot fits you best. Try on various models and brands and make your decision based on fit - you won't regret it!

Now get out there and ski (or roller ski as the case likely is)!

1 comment:

  1. Note that there is one slight inaccuracy to this article that needs to be noted in terms of this binding's compatability with older Profil or Pilot boots.

    This binding will work with any Profil or Pilot boot IF the stock Pro-Pulse flexor is removed and replaced with the "Salomon Pro-Pulse 95 Flexor" (manufacturer part #: 120117. This item is available as a small part through your local Salomon dealer.

    This different flexor will fit the profile of the older boots better (eliminating any slop) than the new Pro-Pulse flexor.