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Tommy Krenz Joins CyclovaXC!

We knew it would happen eventually! Tommy's been kind of holding out on us (for reasons which are still not entirely clear...but that's OK...he's more or less redeemed himself) for a while, but we knew he'd be getting a bike kit sooner or later. The fact is that we look frickin' awesome in our team gear...and anyone who knows Tommy knows that the guy loves to look awesome.

He finally caved at Mike and Lindsey's wedding thanks to a general sense of euphoria (you tend to get those at weddings) and an arm-bar that I applied to him in the parking lot (I snuck up unawares because I can't ever frickin' catch the guy when he knows I'm coming...luckily I'm SNEAKY).

For those of you who don't know, Mike is Frank's brother so we were all pretty pumped to attend his beautiful wedding (which came off without a hitch), and entailed great times, great food, great dancing (I was largely responsible for the great dancing...along with my wife...seriously...we were awesome), and great memories.  So good luck to MIKE AND LINDSEY, and congratulations to Tommy Krenz for his purchase and involvement with the best run/bike/ski team in the known or unknown universe!

I've got some good Tommy Krenz stories to tell, so stay tuned!  Should we have the week of Tommy Krenz now that he's on-board?  Perhaps....perhaps...

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