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Tommy Looks Like William

Has anybody else ever noticed how much Tommy looks like William Wallace? Notice that I didn't say Mel Gibson...because Tommy doesn't look like Mel. He looks like William Wallce!

And not just ANY William Wallace, he looks like William Wallace in the middle of a ravenous horde with his face painted blue and white while holding a massive sword and screaming at the top of his lungs!

The thing is...he's not even TRYING!  He just LOOKS like the guy (maybe it's just the craziness in his eyes). Imagine if we could get Tommy to grow his hair shoulder length and then tease it and braid it and then paint his face blue and white and wear a kilt with an accompanying shield!  He'd be EXACTLY like William!

Anyway...some of you might have noticed that I like to find actors that our CyclovaXC people look like.  I matched Frank up with Clint Eastwood here (you have to scroll down to the bottom to see it).  And even Allan Lindsley got some treatment (check this out...it's like a 90% match...best movie of the summer by the way)!  Perhaps I'll have to make this a regular feature once new dudes/dudettes sign up for team kits (watch our numbers plummet).

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