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Track Stand Frank

If you ever go riding with Frank, you'll notice that he never unclips from his pedals at stop lights.  Nope, he just stands there calmly defying the laws of physics while everybody else just stands and stares (this picture doesn't do it justice).

In fact, half the time Frank will be continuing with a casual conversation as he rocks gently back and forth keeping the tension in his chain as he awaits the changing of the light (so he can sprint off like a madman while the rest of us waste precious time attempting to get that tiny little cleat into that always-difficult-to-find pedal sweet spot).

As you're standing there with Frank, a part of your mind might peep up and say, "that looks a little dangerous, like he's going to topple over right into me."  However, the logical part of your mind responds by saying, "are you crazy?  That's FRANK we're talking about...he'd never do anything to put another human life in danger...he's got it TOTALLY under control."

So you are put at ease as Frank continues to perch there miraculously with his perfect track stand form, and as beautiful, voluptuous women run up to him and tell him how he's the biggest stud they've ever seen and they want to bear his children.  He just brushes them away of course with a slightly annoyed expression of supreme superiority.

You I write this...I'm starting to hate that guy...

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