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What Does the Name CyclovaXC mean?

Frank and I have chatted several times about doing this post, so I'm finally getting around to it.  The above image is from for an internet search on Cyclovia.  As you can see, "Cyclovia" is the Spanish word for "Bike Path" (Cyclo is pretty obvious and -via means "way" or "path").

Anyway, I'd seen this word a couple times when I had been out for runs in Peru.  There was a big yellow sign with "Cyclovia" printed on it about a half mile from my house.  I hadn't thought about it much at the time, but the word stayed with me.

When Frank and I started brainstorming about the name for our run/bike/ski club, we decided we had to come up with a name that was representative of these sports, but was short enough that people could remember it when they went to type the name into their browser (you can't have your team be called "" because nobody would ever remember that name is already taken).

After about a half hour of trying out various names and finding that there was no .com domain name available (seriously, who pays for .org, or .biz or .info domain names?), I suddenly remembered the Spanish word for "Bike Path."  However, I think Cyclovia had already been taken, so we modified it slightly to "Cyclova" (the ending pronunciation is "vah" not "veeah") and threw in the XC (cross country) to represent skiing and running (and so I could put a big red XC on the front of our jersey).  

We actually have both and as domain names that forward to this site.

Actually, I think we did pretty well to come up with a six or eight letter domain name that pretty much suggests running, biking, and skiing.  And now that you know the whole story behind it, you can explain it to people you tap you on the shoulder and ask (and while they're asking...try to sell them a bike kit or a ski suit).

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