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What to do with Slow Skis!

Shoot THEM! Obviously!!!

Ok, Ok, I realize that this is a little bit out of season, but I just started playing around with photoshop today (instead of doing any other of the approximately million things that I should be doing) and I figured out a way to make what I think is a pretty good enhanced cartoon.

Of course, the thing you have to remember with me is that I deal with photoshop the same way I play videogames (I crunch buttons at random and see what happens and then try to remember what I did). 

Oh, and the inspiration for this picture is Greg (I'm not even going to attempt to spell his last name...and it's probably better that I don't anyway because then this article won't appear the next time some potential employer...or current employer...types his name into a search engine just to make sure he's not doing anything scandalous).  Greg has been complaining about how his skis were slow last year, and it's Frank and my mission to make sure that never happens again. the meantime...this image hopefully will provide a little catharsis (I'm currently selling higher quality versions of the original for $2,000).

Think Snow!!!  (yeah, I know it was the first day of summer like two days ago...but whatever).

Oh, and one more thing...I couldn't get a "metallic" effect for the barrel of the gun...and since pretty much EVERYTHING I like to draw has a gun or a sword in it, I was wondering if anyone had any tactics they'd like to share?

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