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10K in Winter, Wisconsin on July 4th!

This weekend I'm heading up to Winter, WI to do a 10k (which is apparently the most carefully guarded secret in all of Wisconsin). I only know about this race because my famous Cousin Will (pictured in the above image) sent me a text message informing me that it was coming up.  Apparently this is some fundraiser or something...I just figure that if Cousin Will is manning the water stands, I've got a good chance of getting a beer at about 5k into the event.

Will lives on a property that's about 5 square miles wide...because of that, he needs 3 4 wheelers a tractor and a motorcycle just to get around.  He decorates his garage with his recent kills.  In short...cousin Will is awesome.

Actually, the last time I visited my cousin Will he offered me up an interesting little tidbit of information.  Apparently a cousin of ours set the Wisconsin record for highest blood alcohol content ever recorded in the state (according to Will it was in the .6+ range).  At first I thought that highest BAC in Wisconsin must mean highest BAC in the whole USA since Wisconsin can outdrink any other state in the whole union (seriously...everybody always rips on Wisconsin, but if being able to drink is any measure of manliness [and it is] then Wisconsin's pretty much got the whole rest of the nation by the balls now doesn't it?).  However, I did a quick search for "highest BAC" and found a couple records of people getting in the .7+ range!  Isn't that crazy?  And the two that I found that were that high were both female (I guess women have a higher tolerance for alcohol than men...or maybe just because they tend to be smaller, they just don't have to drink as much [comparatively] to record that high).

Can you imagine having almost 1% of the fluid in your blood be alcohol (is that what that means)?  Actually, I think that whole decimal point thing is kind of weak...I'd like to shoot for 1.08, that way if a cop pulled you over and you blew a 1.08, he'd probably assume that the instrument was wrong and maybe he'd let you go on your merry way (and it certainly would be merry).

Ok, so if you get up the gumption to come to Winter and run this 10k with me, just give me a call.  You can come and stay with me at cousin Will's house.  Bring the breathalyzer...we've got some games to play!!!

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