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City Of Lakes Loppet Early Bird Registration Due TODAY!

Here we are in late July and we have two posts two days in a row about the coming XC Ski season. For some, cycling & running are merely necessary training so they can hit the xc ski season fit. Well, I certainly don't fit under that umbrella, as I love all three sports. In any case, it's rare that a day passes where I don't dream of skiing down a perfectly groomed trail! So all of you hard core cyclists and runners will have to forgive us for this double header of ski posts in July - come back tomorrow for a bicycle wheel building extravaganza!

Click on the above image to go to the City of Lakes Loppet Website. Come on back to now, hear?

In any case, it's time to pay up for the City of Lakes Loppet! In fact, today is the deadline for the early bird entry. You can go HERE to take advantage of the early bird discount. Being a veteran of this race as a racer, spectator, and providing neutral waxing service for Toko; I can vouch for the event. It is simply world class! John Munger and his crew have put together the premier urban Nordic event in the Western Hemisphere right here in Minneapolis and all of the details are taken care of!

What other XC Ski event will you see Northwoods looking guys wearing plaid flannel shirts, lovely ladies about to go out to a night club, and THIS GUY?

You can probably tell, but we're excited about our sports: XC Skiing, Cycling, and Running! Come on out, join us, and have fun!

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