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Cyclists Brutalize Each Other with Bicycle Wheel

Ahhh, the Tour de France never fails to be an awesome spectacle. The last little piece of blogger heaven is the fact that two Cyclists tried to kill each other the other day with a bicycle wheel.  I don't know who these guys are, so I'll just call them the guy in the blue and the guy in the red, and although it doesn't look like it from the above images, the guy in the blue seemed to have started it (at least, he was the first who started throwing a TIRE around and we all know it's serious when THAT happens).

There is a whole video of this on Youtube, but for some reason you have to sign in and confirm that you are 18 to be able to watch it (sheesh, it's not like they're fighting NAKED or anything).  If you're curious to see the video, just do a search for this: (Rui Costa VS Carlos Barredo - agressão na sexta etapa da Volta a França).

Honestly, I don't have to watch the video anymore, since I have enough to say just watching these suckers on the still images.  I mean, it's frickin' hilarious whenever two professional cyclists decide to start going at it.  Let's face it, cyclists develop their LEGS...they don't have a lot of arm strength (gets heavy in the mountains). Triathletes have arm strength, XC skiers have arm strength, but cyclists don't have any need for it.  So what you end up with is a couple massive thighed guys swinging at each other with a couple toothpicks (it looks like two Tyrannosaurus Rexes's ridiculous).  It's comical until somebody picks up a tire, and then it's like, " it just got SERIOUS!"

And speaking of serious...what's with the fact that they were fined 400 Swiss francs (I've heard conflicting reports on the amount, some sources say 200)?  Isn't this in FRANCE?  Don't they use Euros there?  What's with the arbitrary form of currency for fines?  Why not use the same currency of the host nation?  Depending on the infraction, could cyclists get fined in 18 Century Spanish dubloons?  Is the fine for doping levied in US Dollars (cheap barb there I admit)?  What's the deal?

Anyway, thank you ridiculous fighting cyclists for another entertaining day at the TDF (sort of like a chicken fight...somebody should tape some razor blades on those guys fingers the next time before they start having at that would be cruel...hehehe).

1 comment:

  1. Great find! I agree it is hilarious to see pro cyclists swing it out, definitely t-Rex boxing match. The Swiss Franc thing is because the UCI is HQ'ed in Switzerland so they issue their fines out of HQ, so lame. Lance got fined like 75 Francs the other day for not signing in before the stage. It would be better if it were Spanish Dubloons though, way better. But yeah, thanks to Bob Roll and Phil Liggett on VS for explaining that fine rule.