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Do you Shower with your Jersey on?

This is an old trick I picked up on RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa...for those of you who don't know) years ago.  When you get done with your ride, you don't strip off and jump in the shower...NOPE...instead you pull all the junk out of your pockets, take off your cleats, and THEN jump into the shower with all your bike stuff ON!

On RAGBRAI this was a necessity because you just didn't have the luggage space to bring along fifty cycling jerseys...but for the rest of you it's a necessity because you want to wear your CYCLOVAXC jersey EVERY time you go out for a bike ride.

Although the shower treatment isn't quite the same as the washing machine/detergent treatment, you can get your jersey pretty clean just soaking it immediately after a ride before all your nasty sweat and road goo has had a chance to solidify and become a part of the fabric on a molecular level.  Sure, you still have to wash your jersey EVENTUALLY, but by doing that immediate rinse I think you can get a couple rides out of your clothing between each riding and not get noticeably nasty.

Something to think about it.

But I guess the bigger question is...yes, we know you shower with your jersey on...but do you sleep with your cleats on?  Just another mystery that nobody's in a hurry to find out.

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