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Holy Cow! Stage 8 Killed Armstrong!

It's pretty rare that the name Lance Armstrong and the overall leader are so far apart on a the list that you can't fit them both onto a computer screen.  But that's where we're at after stage 8--with Armstrong down a whopping 13 minutes and 26 seconds.

What happened?

Well, apparently it was a day riddled with crashes, although Armstrong admitted that he suffered.  At this point, it would be pretty ridiculous to think that Armstrong has any realistic chance of winning the 2010 event (perhaps it was ridiculous to think he ever did).  However, now that his hopes at the overall can be chucked out the window, don't count Armstrong out to take a stage here or there in some ridiculous Claudio Chiappucci style suicide attack (the guy really should have won the tour in 1990, with apologies to Greg LeMond).
Or maybe it's more fair to assume now that Armstrong is done and he'll be nothing more than a footnote in the rest of this race.  Somehow I doubt that will be the case...but man, isn't it crazy how a person can be vying for the lead one year and then ONE YEAR later they fall completely out of the race in the first week.

You never know though...maybe something's going on that they're not telling us.  Maybe Armstrong's got the flu, or had some food poisoning, or who knows?  Maybe he's just too old to compete with the whippersnappers.

At this point, I'd put money on Armstrong taking a stage before the end.  Somehow I don't think he's going to just suffer in silence throughout his entire last tour...although I might find that there are people scrambling all over themselves to take that bet (what kind of odds will you give me? 2-1? 4-1? 10-1?).

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. 

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