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How To Perform a Perfect Bike Salute

So, today I had like fifty thousand things that I was supposed to do, but I'm finding that more and more in life...I just can't be bothered.  It's pretty amazing how frantic people get about the things that you're "supposed" to be doing...yet the world continues to spin...and night continues to follow day no matter how you eventually decide to fritter away your time (speaking of night and day, I went to see "Knight and Day" the other day...It was terrible, seriously, it was terrible even for a person who was prepared to go and see a Tom Cruise movie...go to "Macgruber" instead).

So there I was sitting in front of my computer watching some Netflix documentary on Monty Python when I decided to start sketching.  So I quickly sketched the image of the guy above which shows the proper bike salute technique for all CyclovaXC members who win the Tour de France.  I then scanned this image into the computer and did some paintshop magic to produce the fantastic print above.

Now, a lot of this effort was in direct response to the fact that has been just killing us lately from the photo department.  We have like fifty CyclovaXC members who live in the Twin Cities, but none of them go out and take pictures of the criteriums in their own back yards (get on that boys)!!!

Well...what Cycleture DOESN'T have is awesome examples of animation like in the image THERE!

Bike salute baby!  It's where the money is!!!!

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