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Introducing CyclovaXC Member: Sofia!

Yes, that's my little girl! She was born on Sunday after 18 hours of labor. Zulma and I figure we'll put her on the fast track to represent Peru in two or three Olympics (Cross-Country skiing of course). Maybe we can even sneak in a CyclovaXC logo on her ski suit!

By the way, that labor was something else.  Talk about a good workout!  For all of you CyclovaXC members who are women, if you want to do do something that will really get your stomach muscles burning, I suggest delivering a baby!  Although I have to admit that immediately after the event I was the one who was shot (Zulma went from exhausted to extremely perky to extremely hungry!...I went to the chair and sat down).

So, there she is!  She kept us waiting but it was worth it!

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