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Lemond and Armstrong on a Collision Course!

Seriously folks, the stuff that comes out of professional cyclists now is getting utterly ridiculous.  I mean, even if it all turns out to be TRUE, it won't be any less ridiculous.  The latest thing is an accusation by Greg LeMond that Lance Armstrong paid some dude $300,000 to say LeMond used a banned substance (read about it here among other places).

First of LeMond even on the radar enough for Armstrong to even Benefit from a falsified report that he was on drugs?  I mean, the only time we hear about LeMond, is when he's telling us that Floyd Landis's lawyer is calling him up and saying he's LeMond's sexually abusive uncle (that seriously happened).  And really, it's a shame because Greg LeMond is a fantastic and interesting person.  His achievements on a bicycle are legendary, and if it weren't for Lance, we'd STILL be marveling that his story was almost beyond human.

However, it must be kind of annoying to be in LeMond's position and have a guy like Lance Armstrong come along and solidly trump you on every single level.  Heck, if Armstrong had just won seven tours...that would have been at least acceptable...but Armstrong too had to come back from a near fatal ailment...heck, Armstrong's recovery from cancer was even greater than LeMond's recovery from his gunshot wound (in my mind, the trigger man on that incident is always Bernard Hinault...although I know that's not the it?).
(actually watch this video, it's pretty interesting):

Anyway, the end result is that today, we're not talking about Greg LeMond in terms of his stellar Tour wins or his amazing comback...but instead because of these ridiculous associations with various cycling scandals.  Seriously, that's the tragedy of pro cycling matter who turns out to be "dirty" or "clean."

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