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Nintendo Wii making fitness fun???

Video games are addicting, heck, even the Biathlon game for the Nintendo Wii does suck you in. While for some, the fact that the sport of xc skiing is reduced to hitting the "X button" really fast may be alluring, I'm not convinced.

Video games are addicting and distracting as this triathlon enthusiast displays.

What ever happened to humans having real experiences out in the real world? Our bodies are designed to move and be active, this is why we become stronger and healthier with exercise. Exercise isn't torture. Exercise rarely is going to the gym and running on a treadmill. Exercise is getting outside and exploring your surroundings, breathing fresh air, seeing sun rises and sun sets, experiencing a rain storm, and seeing all of the critters. Real experiences!

Well, last week, I went to go check out a world class endurance event, the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon, a Triathlon here in Minneapolis that literally features some of the worlds best athletes. There was much exciting racing going on; swimmers sprinting into the water, pulling off wetsuits and transitioning on to the bike, time trial bikes with disc wheels roaring down closed road ways, and some serious suffering going on in the run. All exciting to somehow be a part of!

The Nintendo Wii booth at the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon: Does the Wii really make fitness fun?

Well, as I was walking through the vendor expo area of the triathlon where industry companies and sponsors get to show off their wear, I noticed a booth that seemed out of place: a Nintendo Wii booth. I also noticed that it had quite a consistent crowd around it, so I went to go check it out. I was surprised to see a range of folks trying out a Wii game, from fit looking triathletes to Grannies.

I thought to myself, do these people really need this game consel to excercise? Do they really get more enjoyment out of staring at a TV screen than the real world? Can't they go do something real and authentic on their own and not living through a game character?

It's true, we live in a world full of addictive stuff that isn't necessarily good for you. I personally believe that the Wii is not a key to becoming fit. Rather the solution is to develop a passion for a life sport that you genuinely enjoy. A sport that introduces you to lifelong friends, takes you around the world or allows you to rediscover your own back yard.

Bike. Ski. Run... Dig it!

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