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OK, Now I'm a Bit Irritated with Lance Armstrong

According to this and other articles, apparently Alberto Contador showed up at the RadioShack team bus the other day PERSONALLY to give Lance Armstrong and Johann Bruyneel a couple of commemorative watches from the 2009 TDF (apparently this is something that Greg LeMond started up in 1990...seriously, LeMond's legacy only gets bigger and bigger doesn't it?).

Well, according to the reports, Armstrong was "busy doing something else" so he couldn't receive Contador.


I mean, when the reigning TDF champion comes to your trailer, I think you should show a little courtesy to the sport and to the history you are a part of least opening the door for the guy.  I mean, what was Armstrong in the middle of?  What could possibly be more important that receiving the TDF champion who was humbling himself by coming over to your trailer and attempting to, well, mend some fences apparently.

Armstrong's been saying all the right things in the press lately, like Contador is a talent of a generation and that he doesn't think Contador can be beaten.  However, the thing that speaks louder than anything else is that Armstrong couldn't be bothered to stand at the door and receive the GIFT that Contador had brought over to him.

What the hell?

This reflects poorly on Lance, there's no question.  And it also reflects poorly on the TDF, which is a shame.


  1. Respect comes to all people who communicate. Armstrong is a celebrity and has HUGE amounts of people coming AT him all the time. Perhaps not knowing what the full intent of Contador was going to be wanting to involve Armstrong, Lance may have had to be cautious in him time. Ever think that Lance might have been on an International Skype call from the trailer, that it may have taken WEEKS of planning to get all those (possible) people together for a 30 minute discussion? Einstein had times where he did not allow people to come into his life while he was working out problems and Lance is no Einstein. However, we each need to have our own boundaries of time management to focus.

  2. I bet it was more a case of Armstrong's handlers making a bad choice. Although nobody said exactly what Armstrong was doing when Contador showed maybe your hypothesis is correct (although if he were on some massive call...why not explain that?)
    Thanks for the comment