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Saturday Last Day for Birkie Early Bird Discount!

Many of you probably know already that Saturday, July 31st is the last day for the Early Bird Birkie discount, however I thought I'd mention it here just in case you needed that one final reminder.

In order to take advantage, just go to and fill out the form (be advised that there is an additional $5 fee for registering online...although it's worth it). 

Entry fees are one of the big problems of the XC ski season.  In addition to gas costs, hotel costs, restaurant costs, and waxing costs, it's getting to the point where you're looking at a several thousand dollar investment just to do 10 races.  But if you can get the entries in for half-price (with these early bird discounts), you'll find yourself freeing up a lot of cash.  Of course, you run the risk that there will be no snow and the event will be cancelled (and then you'll be out the fee)...but if you think about it, not all that many races are canceled on a yearly basis.  If you take advantage of Early Bird discounts over the course of a 20 year (Birchleggings) skiing'll save a LOT of money.  So REGISTER NOW!


  1. City of Lakes events will also require a little more investment after Saturday!

    check out:

  2. Dah! You beat me to it Andrew. You just guessed the topic of tomorrow's post! :)