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St. Croix Falls Anyone?--Cyclops 2.14

Hey everyone! Man, I'm totally exhausted today, and I'll tell you why...on Tuesday I decided to go on an innocent little bike ride. You know what I mean, I just wanted to toodle along and smell the flowers and avoid any kind of gradient besides level and slightly downwards. So I was making my way out towards the bike trail (old railroad can pretty much coast for two hours), when I came across Greg and Kathie from our team! Well, they convinced me that I should go ahead and do the group ride that leaves Spring Street Sports every Tuesday (I didn't even know it was Tuesday), and before I knew it, I was right in the center of a blazing pack of mad dogs (including another CyclovaXC guy, Aaron...I'm leaving out last names just in case people want to disassociate themselves with the internet...or more!). Well, it was fun actually, and it was fortunate that last Tuesday was the first day that I've felt more or less decent on a bike this whole summer (your form always comes when the season's halfway gone...or more). However, it'll be a while before I engage in any shoulder to shoulder riding on any kind of a regular basis. I was happy to have gone along, but I was also happy to peel off and trot on back home to my still expectant (of a baby) wife.

That's right, a lot's happened since the last CyclovaXC update...but still no baby Jonjak (I'm sure we'll post the minute s/he arrives...although I expect the arrival will also be announced by a heavenly choir...kings from distant lands bearing myrrh, that kind of thing).

The big news is the Tour I suppose. Armstrong took a hit the other day, but my suspicion is that we'll see him start using some Laurent Jalabert tactics and end his final major race wearing a white jersey speckled with red polka-dots. We'll's just that I don't expect Lance to go quietly into the night.

The other news is that Frank is planning some sort of ride in St. Croix Falls this weekend. Get out there if you get a chance, you can call Frank for details or write him at (he mentioned this ride in a comment at the end of the St. Croix Falls article here.

We'll try to organize a ride or two for August...I just started to dream that maybe next summer we should do a mini tour from MSP to Rochester to Eau Claire to St. Croix Falls (stop and spend a day at the water slides) and then return to MSP. The thing is, I know people at all these towns, so we'd have houses to stay at (or at least yards to camp on). The wheels are still spinning on this concept however...and it won't be put into play until next year at the stay tuned.

Oh...and congratulations to Frank's neighbor Scott "don't call me Steve" who is taking to cycling like a CEO takes to tax evasion. Scott's a heck of a beer manufacturer, and if all goes well, we'll be filling our bottles and our bellies with CyclovaXC bubbly VERY soon! (Seriously, the dude is like a beer frickin' Rembrant only with more talent...the only guy I've ever approached while using beer as an art implement is Pollock...and that's only the negative after effect of when I've had too much :).

Ok, that are the great articles (the 4th of July one is good...but nobody read it since you were all out being Patriotic...can't say shame on you...but read it now):

That's it! See you where the rubber meets the road!

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