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Summer Road Riding At Its Best!

Summer is absolutely here now, so don't miss it! While in some areas the mountain bike trails are a bit muddy from all of the rain, the road riding simply doesn't get any better. We have beautiful Midwest roads, great summer weather, and a daily dose of the Tour de France to motivate us as we pedal!

Inspiration can easily be found by passing through the beautiful areas that we are fortunate enough to ride through. This past weekend, I did a fantastic road ride through the St. Croix River Valley and saw a huge variety of breath taking views, which inspired me to ride more (and take pictures). The St. Croix River Valley truly is a road riders playground, with some of the best road riding in the country tucked away on it's back roads. Check it out and enjoy these images!

Right in St. Croix Falls is a "pinch me, am I dreaming" section of bike trail overlooking the St. Croix River. This trail hooks up with Interstate Park to the south and country roads to the north.

East of Osceola on Cty Rd M, I came across the beautiful field full of Sunflowers. It stopped me in my tracks!

In Interstate Park on the Wisconsin side, majestic views are commonplace. This is the view of the St. Croix River gorges along the guard rail and also happens to be one of the best climbs in the Midwest.

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  1. St. Croix Falls is where we are heading on Saturday morning for our group ride. Come join us. See the Facebook group page for the details!

    Hope to see you there!