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Tour de France and 4th of July--Cyclops 2.13

Wow...what a month, and what an upcoming weekend as the Tour de France is set to start on July 3rd followed by the always festive firework occasion of July 4th. I'm going to be up in Winter, Wisconsin, running some ridiculous 10K that doesn't advertise, before settling in to watch the explosions and the truck pull (they do awesome things to celebrate in the small towns of Northern Wisconsin).

As I was compiling the list of stories for the last few weeks, I have to say that this is a pretty good issue in terms of articles. After all, Grandma's marathon HAPPENED recently (that's the kind of event that happens, it sort of pounces on you like an M. Night Shyamalan movie), and Frank was there to "Chronicle the Dominance" (trademark CyclovaXC 2010).

Apart from that, I've been messing around more and more with Photoshop...which is kind of an addictive program I have to admit. Seriously folks, Photoshop has to be the most significant artistic invention since the paintbrush.

Also in this issue, you will find: A completely unwarranted attack on Jeannie Longo, comparisons between CyclovaXC members and the celebrities who resemble them (Eva thinks that somebody needs to do me at some point...obviously I can't do myself since the result would be biased...but let the record show that I've been comparing CyclovaXC members to some pretty cool individuals so there's no comparing me to Dumbo the elephant or anything like that...besides, I have the key to the blog so I can erase any post I choose...), a rant against the bogus US health care system, killer bees, a report from Australia...seriously, our magazine has everything, I don't even know why people BOTHER to read anything other than THE CYCLOPS!

Here it is:

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