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UCI a Disgrace (Blame THEM for Dirty Cycling)

Every day I turn on my computer and there's some other former ex-mediocre cyclist claiming that he has inside information about "this one time" that he either saw Lance Armstrong do some drugs, or talked about it or whever.  These people never have any RECORDINGS or VIDEOS, yet the stupid media continues to print the stories of these washed-up attention whores, and it's getting a little disgusting.

Look, as I've said before, if Armstrong doped, then I'll be the first to condemn him...but before I condemn him, I want to see some PROOF!

Lost in all this unfounded accusaiton is the INDESPUTABLE FACT that the UCI, the main governing body in cycling, has apparently overseen more than a decade of sport in which it has been PROOVEN that a good number of their athletes were dirty.  In fact, doping has been so prevalent that I, for one, believe it would have been impossible for this cheating to be so wide-spread unless the UCI was involved.

What am I saying in plain words?

I'm saying that the rich assholes in suits who were obviously getting paid huge amounts of money to look the other way...and while they did so they created an atmosphere in which young, impressionable athletes were put under intense pressure to do irrepairable harm to their bodies just to make a living.  Whether it was through incompetence or complicity, UCI officials are GUILTY and I'd like to see them get roased in the media for a change.  I'd like to see their reputations get dragged through the mud like Floyd Landis's, I'd like to see them get swarmed by a hundred reporters accusing them of being cheats every time they walked out of their house like Lance Armstrong.

How did they do such a bad job?

Why were they not able to keep drugs out of cycling?

Read between the lines people.  The doctors that the UCI are competent people, but you have to wonder if they were being told to be incompetent because that's what kept the bribe money flowing in.

Or heck, even if it's not that sinister, isn't it OBVIOUS that the UCI did a terrible job?  I quit watching the Tour briefly when Rasumussen was called home while wearing the yellow jersey.  I mean...UCI officials aren't WEATHER MEN...they can't get away with being wrong every DAY!

Over the past decade or so a doper culture has been cultivated and if you are part of the media and all you're doing is pointing fingers at the hordes of young, impressionable athletes who were trying to make a name for themselves, then you're an absolute failure as a journalist.  Now, obviously, if Armstrong or anyone else eventually turns out to be guilty, he will be tried and convicted as a man.  But let's face it, do 20 year old kids really know how to take Testosterone, EPO, HGH, etc., in a systematically designed way to improve their performance as athletes?

Friends, it takes a frickin' DOCTOR to tell you how to dope right, and then it takes the officials who are supposed to be REGULATING to look the other way.

We need to go after THOSE people!  Quit crucifying the athlete.  Find the rich old millionaire and let's drag HIS or HER name through the mud for a while.

The 9th level of hell is reserved for false councilors.  I'm really sick of the people who are truly responsible for wrongdoing getting away scott free. 

Down with the worthless UCI!  Everybody agrees doping happened.  Why didn't they stop it?

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