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Another Cure for Road Rash

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Todd Rosvold just sent me these words in response to my article on curing road rash from a while ago.  Thanks for the good advice Todd!

I just read your blog on treating road rash. Good reading and it happens to everyone eventually. Sometimes repeatedly.

Hydrogen peroxide will get the area clean, but there’s a much better way to get it healing properly. Unfortunately I have a lot of experience with this. Road rash is similar to a second or third degree burn; the skin is badly damaged and the underlying tissue is exposed to the air. Allowing the wound to be exposed during healing causes scabbing and slows the process down. It also causes scarring and a higher risk of infection. If you can get it, Silvadene, or Thermazene – both the generic equivalent is silver sulfadiazine, heals the wounds much quicker and with much less scarring or risk of infection than other creams or exposing the wound to the air.

Silvadene is available by prescription only (I guard the jar in my equipment bag with my life), but I believe Thermazene is available over the counter. The wound needs to be covered with gauze bandages after careful cleaning and applying the medicine, and bandages need to be changed regularly.

A doctor who does a lot of riding and used to race very competitively gave me this tip, and it’s worked well for me and my kids. Have some handy for the next time rider meets the road. It really works.

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