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Battle Wounds

I figured I'd get back to bicycling today (since we have the best month of cycling still ahead of us) and show you this little doozy of a picture of my poor, embattled STI lever on my awesome 1994 (+ or -) Shimano 105 group set.  How do you think that little mark happened?  From getting dragged across the pavement at like 35 mph, that's how!

I've actually been pretty lucky in terms of bike crashes.  There are only two that I can think of that were in race situations (then there was the "let's see how these tires handle in the wet" escapade...I'll save that for later).  One time this guy just crashed right in front of me, and although I had time to maybe swerve around him, Frank was to my right and I was afraid of taking him out so I just took one for the team and thudded right into the guy.

In that situation, many people will try for the bicycle hop maneuver in which they fling themselves into the air and go right over the fallen cyclist.  In theory, this is a neat enough idea, but what I've seen happen too many times is that you get your front wheel over the guy and then you come slamming down on the guy's back with all the teeth on your hungry chainring just slobbering and snapping for blood.  You can cut a guy in HALF that way.

So, in the end, it's probably better to just ram into them with the front wheel, take your 2 second flight, get back up, straighten the bars out, kick the dent out of the wheel, and head on your way!  You'll probably grind up your STI lever a bit...but nobody will DIE (so that's a good thing)!

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