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BIKE TECH: No more funky helmet!

Perhaps one of the most common things about hard core cyclists is the phenomena known as "helmet funk". Yuck! Have you ever picked up your helmet to put it on your beautiful, freshly shampooed hair only to be disgusted by what you see? If you're "normal", your answer surely was yes!

Think about it, how many hundreds of hours have you spent wearing (
IE sweating in) your trusty bike helmet without washing it?

I like to say that with bikes, "A clean bike is a happy bike". The same can certainly apply to bike helmets!

Ben riding with confidence due to his fresh helmet - really!

Washing your helmet from time to time is simply a good thing to do. I like to hose mine off from time to time, often with the garden hose when I'm washing off my bike. Scrubbing it down with some dish detergent will go a long way toward reducing the funk factor and making it look like new again.
The helmet pads and straps are often where the real funk lives, so spend extra time washing these key areas. Note that most of the foam helmet pads are held in by Velcro, so don't be afraid to pull them out so you can wash them more thoroughly.

If your helmet pads are beyond cleaning, they most likely are replaceable. Most top helmet brands like Lazer, Giro, Bell, and others all sell replacement helmet pads, which can really breathe new life into a stinky old helmet!

Clean out your helmet, that way you won't be wondering if the grimace on the face of the person drafting you is due to the stench or the burn in their legs from the pace you're setting!

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