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The Case of the Annoying .gif

You might have noticed an annoying flashing light at the top of this page as of yesterday. That's because I put in a .gif file advertisement thingy (you see how much I know about blogging...yet I still manage to make stuff work...amazing).

Anyway, from my understanding, a .gif file is one of those annoying flashing files.  I made the one above by searching for "how to make a .gif file" and I came to a web page that had me upload a bunch of pictures the .gif.

I put this up there because Frank told me the other day that people are STILL having trouble finding the link to the page that has the information about our bike kits.  Well...for the record it's right here.  You can also get to that page by clicking on the "gear" link in the nav bar (that will lead you to a page of links, and I believe the third one says "Bike Kit") or you can click on the box on the left hand side of the page that is a small picture of Frank wearing the bike kit with the words "buy our bike kit" written across it (is anybody else starting to wonder how ANYBODY could miss seeing the link for the information on the bike kit?).

Well, IN ADDITION to these two other methods for finding the bike kit, you can now also click on the flashing .gif that appears just below the phrase "To the guy who complained about not finding the bike kit link."

I always like to be the thoughtful're welcome.

Oh, and please write me and tell me how crazy that .gif is making you.  Try staring at it for six hours and then go on a bike's awesome!

(The Expendables comes out movie ever...)

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