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Cross Country Skis For Sale on E-bay?

You can pretty much get everything you want and a few things you don't on ebay.  There is the occasional day in which I don't know what to do (or my eyes are bloodshot and watery from staring at the empty writing space of my CyclovaXC blog...sniff...), so I just jump on ebay and see what kind of trouble I can get into.

Aside from all the code words for buying contraband (I don't know any of them so don't ask), I decided to entertain myself by seeing what kind of XC ski equipment was available.  

My plan was to buy a pair of cheap Solomon boots so that I don't continue to destroy my good Solomon boots this rollerski season.  Now I know that a good percentage of all the Solomon boots that are sold every year do nothing but languish in a closet after one miserable failed attempt to go skiing, so I thought there might be a bargain or two. 

Sadly, the only pairs of Solomon boots that I found had either three ring bindings, or that single metal loop that stuck out of the toe like one of those rings you occasionally see on a bull's nose.

Not willing to give up so quickly, I did a search for XC skis and got a plethora of kind of interesting options.

Now, it's certainly fairly absurd to think that you're going to be able to find a pair of Birkie caliber skis on a website that you can buy and ski on without even standing upon them for a flex test...but if the price is right, why not take a flyer?  At the very least you'll have yourself a new pair of rock skis!  And heck, you might be able to turn around and unload these puppies for a profit!

Well, my various searches eventually led me here (I'm not sure if that link is going to last forever), and I think that if you were sitting at work bored some day, you might want to take a little spin around the Cross-country corner of ebay.  You never know when somebody decides to part with something that's accidentally worth a whole lot more than s/he has any right to imagine (word to the wise though...avoid looking at any of the close up shots of the bases since they're pretty much guaranteed to be an example of ski abuse).

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