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The Definitive "Birkie" Image

I was digging through some ancient files the other day and I came across this Birch Scroll from 1998.  Now, although the box I was digging through was filled to the brim with a plethora of useless papers that did nothing but cause a fire hazard and take up space, I wasn't able to bring myself to throw this battered old Birkie summary away.

I mean...just LOOK at that cover!

This is just simply the definitive Birkie image.  At least for the American Birkebeiner which seems to have adopted it.  I can't help but wonder if the true, original, Norwegian Birkebeiner has the same affinity for this work of art by Knud Larsen Bergslien (1827-1908).

In case your curious to know what other things old Knud's his wiki page.

Here's some more of his work on artnet.

From the look of things, it appears that this painting (titled "The Flight of the Infant prince Hakon") was the dude's "Sgt. Pepper."

Well, I think having your work be the definitive image for the greatest ski race in the Western Hemisphere is a pretty good idea.  Here's too ya' Knud (you know...he seriously should have done a self-portrait of himself going down some stairs and titled it "Knud Descending a Staircase"...I mean...seriously, that's obvious!).

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