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EVENT REPORT: Reforestation Ramble WORS MTB Race

This event report was submitted by Cyclova XC member Steve Peplinski:

It was 2 12 mile laps. Halfway through the second lap, my injudicious early hammering caught up with me. My legs were gone, and the riders in front of me were pulling away. It was no longer racing, only surviving.

The race consists of sections of single track linked together by ski trails and forest roads. It's nigh impossible to pass on the single track.

New Cyclova XC team member atop the podium at the WORS race in.

I was about to enter the last single track section when a rider in the 35-39 age group slipped past me. (in WORS races, they write your age group on your number). "Your my hero!" he shouted as he passed "Go over 60!" That did lift my spirits a bit, and maybe it even made me go a little faster. Still, he pulled away, and by the time I was a within sight the finish, I must have looked pretty bad, slogging along on wasted legs.

Then a 55-59 rider shot past me. He had opened a 15 yard before it dawned on me that I might still have some reserve power left. I hunched over the bars and started spinning for all I was worth. I closed the gap and passed him just before the finish. The finish line workers had to chase me to pull my race tag. I was too tired to grab the brakes for a timely stop. As I unclipped and tried to make my cramping quads allow me to stand, the guy came up to me and with a fist bump, "Nice race" he said. "You didn't look like you had anything left when I passed you." "I didn't think I did either, but I had to try." I said

Later, when I checked the results, I found that I had won my age group. I'm sure the new Cyclova XC kit made the difference.

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