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Firehouse 50!

Well shoot, the Firehouse 50 went and happened and I completely missed it! Having a baby just throws off your entire schedule (and provides you with a perfect mulligan I have to say).  

Life is crazy and hectic now, but there was a time when the Firehouse 50 was the "it" moment on the cycling calendar for the summer.  In addition to being the landmark race of the year, it was also probably the longest distance we would ride (I'm talking back when I was 12 or whatever).

I remember showing up at Grandview and getting pretty excited about their great T-shirts (they used to have the best T-shirts of anyone...but I haven't seen them for a while so I can't vouch for them anymore.

Anyway, I got an excited call from Allan Lindsley last night about his Firehouse experience, and if any of you out there have some good Firehouse Stories, please let me know (cyclovaxc at gmail.com)!  If you're only interested in reading some Firehouse results, click here!

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