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Hill Repeats at Elk Mound

For those of you who live out in the Eau Claire area, you might want to check out the massive hill at Elk Mound for some ski training intervals.  The hill is pretty easy to find, it's just north of Elk Mound (on "H" I think) and you can see it from a mile away because of the big American flag on the top.

I started training on the Elk Mound hill back when I was in college.  Chris and I would head on out to the hill and ski bound from the bottom to the top (it's an asphalt road so bring your rollerski ferrules).  I think the hill takes a fit gut around 4-4.5 minutes (I did it today in 5.5).

Doing interval training like this is a great way for people of differing ability levels to do a workout together.  You sprint from the bottom to the top, then everyone waits for everyone else to arrive.  As you walk back down to the bottom (it takes about 8 minutes to walk down), you cool off and chit chat and recuperate for the next interval.

Now, I suppose this is a little bit too much of a casual workout for super elite guys (they'd want to finish the interval and then ride back down on a skateboard in 2 seconds or something), but I can guarantee that running this hill will make the hills on the Birkie trail a lot easier.

When I trained with Chris, we used to try to do one more than the previous week every week (we only did this workout once a week).  I think we were up to around 8 or 10 at one point, which is getting to be a solid hour of interval work (and probably a total workout time of 2.5 hours).

Today, being that I'm in super mediocre form, I only did 2.  But I plan on hitting it sometime next week and dialing it up.  I sure as heck suffered on the hills in the Birkie last year and I'd really like to avoid having that happen again.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here's the view from the top:

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