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Is it Too Early for the Ski Box?

I know, I know, I might be jumping the gun a little bit by putting my ski box on my car when we still have the ENTIRE month (well almost) of the best riding of the summer ahead of us. But I have to admit, I have a bit of a history with my ski box...and when there gets to be a little chill in the air I have a hard time making myself go outside and do any kind of mechanical or semi-mechanical task.  

The thing is, putting on that box is almost inevitably an exercise in irritation.  There are usually a couple parts missing (this time it was the key to lock and unlock the thing), and if I'm running around trying to finger some tiny little washers when there's snow on the ground I get REALLY grumpy.

I suppose the most dedicated among you are probably just sitting there saying things to yourself like: "What's he talking skiing box NEVER comes off!"  Well, make no mistake, I'm going to be mirroring your attitude of year round preparedness shortly.  But you see, I was living in Peru for the last 10 years, so my box was removed (against MY will I can assure you).

In fact, finding the box intact was in itself something approximating a miracle.  I had to go down into the deepest, dankest, most forgotten buildings on my mom's property.  I eventually found my ski box right next to a ream of golden fleece and the arc of the covenant.  When I opened the thing, I found that it was overflowing with the carcases of some kind of orange/yellow lady bug, when you scooped them out they quickly deteriorated into jelly (yuck).

But all that horridness is over now, and my ski box sits proudly upon my dented up '99 Subaru, waiting to take me blazing through the snow to places with exotic names like Biwabik, Mora, Hayward, and Ironwood (in the early season).

See you all on the road!

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