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It's a Girl--Cyclops 2.15

Hello all,
Well, it's been a HUGE couple of weeks for me! As many of you know, my little daughter Sofia Aurora was born on July 25th after 18 glorious hours of labor (that's 18 hours for your training diary Zulma!). At 7 lbs 10 oz, we figure she's at a pretty good marathon weight and could probably set a world record!

Basically following that, I find myself a bit indifferent about all the other news items of this month (but I realize I'm somewhat biased). There was a Tour de France victory, and you'll find several articles regarding our thoughts about the various drug scandals, etiquette breaches, and overall controversy surrounding professional cycling these days (the sport just can't seem to get a break now can it?).

I compiled a list of the CyclovaXC gear that we have remaining, so if you want to pick up an awesome jersey, bike kit, warm up jacket, etc., check here. Frank also got super ambitious and decided to write a series of articles about how to build a bicycle wheel (that should save you some money).

So dig in and enjoy this issue! With the Firehouse 50 taking place last weekend, it kind of feels like autumn is right around the corner now doesn't it?


Enjoy your August!

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