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It's Rollerski season (almost)!--Cyclops 2.16

Well, Sofia's asleep so I have two seconds to sit down and hash, I mean studiously compose...another brilliant issue of "THE CYCLOPS!"

First of all, I don't know if any of you have seen Stallone's new film "The Expendables" but you really should (this doesn't have a lot to do with skiing except that if you ski in the completely wrong get a body like Stallone). Anyway, I haven't seen the film yet, but I wrote a review of it here you might enjoy (make sure you check out the video at the end that my brother did):

I have to admit, I'm thinking snow already. The Packers are playing, I've got the ski box on my vehicle, it's like 97 degrees (actually it's been kind of chilly today)'s getting to be ROLLERSKI SEASON!

I simply LOVE rollerski season. It always brings me back to the good old days when Frank and I used to race each other around Shell Lake. The sprints would go on until one or the other of us fell down and then we'd skate back to the splayed out body of the victim and try to say "are you OK?" and sound sincere. Seriously...we used to just DESTROY ourselves doing that, we should have just gone down to the hardware store and bought some sandpaper and ripped the skin off our legs that way.

Oh...the other good news is that we've had a couple new people buy ski kits. Let's welcome Stephen Peplinski and Todd Rosvold. Some of you might know them from back in the Riverbrook/3VBC days (if you don't know what I'm talking about with Riverbrook/3VBC, I guess I'll have to do some posts on that).

We've also had a feed link of ours put up at which is awesome since it's driving us a whole bunch of traffic (those of us in the XC ski community have to stick together).

Anyway, I'm just sort of rambling, so here are the articles from the last few weeks (my baby's already 3 weeks old...seriously, it's like I just got out of the hospital):

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