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Aaron James calls Bozeman, MT home and works for the legendary outdoor company known as Pacific Outdoor Equipment. He comes back to the Midwest from time to time to visit family, as both he and his wife grew up here.

Following is an interview I recently did with Aaron so readers and team members can get to know him. If you're in the Bozeman area and see a Cyclova XC kit on the roads or trails, give that person a shout - it's likely Aaron!

Aaron grew up loving his bike as seen here in 1985!

Frank: What drew you to Cyclova XC?
Aaron: I was drawn to Cyclova XC because of my mutual interest in the sports that the group participates in, the connection back to my roots in the Midwest, and because I think that community organizations are much more interesting that large unseated groups. I look forward to sharing future stories, but for the time being, really enjoy the point of view and interesting articles posted on the feed as well as the company of the really genuine folks who are participating.

Frank: Why do you love the sports of cycling, xc skiing, and running?
Aaron: I love these endurance sports because of the places they take me, the way they make me feel (ie tired), and all of the fun folks that I have met participating in them. That’s not to say that you need a team of people to play, and that is another reason why I enjoy them. I can take off after work, wake up early in the morning, or plan on the weekend, grab the dogs or some minimal equipment and get out. There is just nothing like getting lost in the beauty of the environment around us for hours on end.

Frank: Do you plan on doing any events in the coming year?
Aaron: I just got into bike racing this last year, so that was new, and is leading into a season on Cyclocross this fall. I will be chasing my wife around a couple marathons in the fall, and I expect to work in some 24hr ski races over the winter. Next year I hope to participate in more cycling races and jump back into some long trail runs. We have an event called the Devils Backbone that I have raced a couple of times, and might work that into the plan for 2011. I would also like to look into some 24hr and long distance races on the bikes next year, both on and off road.

Frank: What do you ride/ski/run on (equipment)?
Aaron: Salsa Podio roadie with SRAM Rival components, conti tires.......Salsa chili con crosso cross bike with SRAM Rival and FSA components conti tires.....Diamondback DBR SL MTB with an XT setup, WTB tires… Most of my bikes have some carbon upgrades to reduce vibrations and lighten them up. I’m really digging the new Osprey Hydraulics packs for back country MTB. I am also riding a Fargo for adventure cycling which is a new activity for me, bridging my backpacking gear on to the bike and travelling light.
Run – Lightweight clothes, ipod shuffle, trucker hat, TNF Boa pack, and Brooks Cascadia shoes.
Ski – Skating skiing on a Salomon setup with Leki HS Shark poles and my Cyclova XC beanie..... Tele Skiing with a range of skis from BD and Atomic, BD Push boots, Leki poles, and a mix of clothing depending on the day and focus.

Frank: Maybe a funny story about you out on a workout?
Aaron: Funny Story..... hmmm, I think that I have more inspiring stories fueled by the places that I have been because of my endurance activities. I have run into bears, moose, coyotes, lynx, elk and many kinds of deer up here in Montana. They are always fun to see, but I think that a ride that we did earlier this year, with snow still on the mountains, was one of the more enjoyable ones. I was out on a training ride with my road team, and we headed our North of town. It was a bluebird day, not a cloud in the sky, perfectly 60 degrees, and sunny. We all swooped around a corner, side by side, 8 deep, and cruised by a field nestled at the base of the mountains here in the valley. The field was far and wide, and so was the large herd of elk that was grazing off in the distance, a pair of baldies was circling closer to the road, and several other raptors were in the distance. The majestic beauty of that occasion was awesome. We were not too far away from civilization, but well within the wilderness of Montana. It is those instances that make these endurance sports so much fun, gets me in the saddle or tying the laces of my trail runners. Getting out, away, and into the wild is just so much fun.

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