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Todd Rosvold has been a friend of many who are now Cyclova XC'ers since the mid 90's. His reasons for being a silent sport enthusiast are simple; to maintain fitness & health, inspiration from measurable improvements (faster times, moving up a wave, etc), and meeting new people whom share a passion for silent sports.

I recall when Todd and his brother Steve walked into the original Riverbrook Bike and Ski, back when it was on the north end of Spooner during the Summer of 1998. They happened to be greeted and served by a 19 year old Frank Lundeen and 20 year old David Gabrys. They were in the market for new road bikes and both ended up buying new Fondriest Top Lite Road bikes, decked out with full 9 speed Dura Ace, hand built wheels, etc. Todd's Fondreist ended up having a warranty issues, so it was replaced with a DeRosa Merak, which he is still riding today.

Todd as seen at a recent team ride at the "In Competition" shop in Green Bay, WI.

After buying that original Fondriest, he joined the "3VBC", better known as "Team Leines" which was well known in the Midwest Road Racing scene through the early 2000's, along with many other current Cyclova XC folk.

One of Todd's most memorable cycling memories was while out on a road ride north of Spooner with Frank Lundeen. And so the story goes, "We were winding our way up a hill on a road outside of Spooner and we got into the middle of a group of bear hunters waiting for their hounds to push their quarry out to the road. As we passed a logging trail, two bears came running straight at us at a full gallop, stopped dead, stood on their hind legs towering over us (my insides turned to mush), then both whirled around and ran back the way they came into the woods just as fast. After I was able to push my heart back down my throat a few minutes later, I remember telling you that was pretty neat. You said you saw bears while biking all the time. I believed it."

Todd has spent a ton of time riding and road racing with his first race being the 1993 Cumberland Wisport Road Race - he commented that he recalled Darrin Homme winning. Currently, Todd lives in Pulaski, WI which is north east of Green Bay. He can be found road or mountain biking in the area and he frequents the group rides at In Competition, a premier bike and ski shop in Green Bay.

In addition to cycling, Todd get out on inline skates on occasion and also spends a lot of time on his XC Skis in the winter, usually at the Green Bay Reforestation Camp. You'll often see him at the Birkie or Badger State Games events during the winter.

Todd is a true gentleman of the Peloton and we couldn't be happier to have him sporting the kit. Welcome Todd!

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