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Team Scheels Jersey Not as Good As Ours

Pardon the semi-dodgy picture but I was taking this image on the sly.  You see, I was in Scheels at the time, and I've found that stores sometimes object to your running around and taking pictures of all their inventory...probably because they suspect you might be about to write a smart-ass blog about said inventory...hehe!

I guess when I was in Scheels (and this was easily two or three months ago), I was still basking in the warm glow of how totally awesome our bike kits are.  It's a constant source of pride to know that just a couple of dudes like Frank and myself can consistently come up with jersey/ski suit concepts that are markedly better than the NATIONAL TEAM jersey/ski suits of...well...INDEPENDENT COUNTRIES!


Our little garage effort better than the entire group effort of all the people of Angola...mind boggling.

Take, for example, this Scheels jersey.  Now, it's a nice enough jersey...but come on!  Where is the PANACHE!  It's essentially only red, white and black.  These days screen printing technology is at a level that you can do some really cool things with colors and fades and...I just don't understand why people design their jerseys with just straight lines anymore.


I guess it's just because most of the world isn't run with the same reckless entrepreneurial spirit as that which is found within the electronic pages of CyclovaXC....In the immortal words of "Time Bandits:"

We risk ALL!
Waiter...more CHAMPAGNE!

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